God Statues In Harvest Island

God Statues

Harvest Offering

In Harvest Island, Will and Samantha needs to give their harvest offering to the gods. Harvest offering is basically what you collect from the island. It could be dairy products: goat milk, cow milk, or even eggs. Or it could be things on the beach like seashells, sand dollars, starfish, seaweed, and even crabs! There are a lot of items that you can collect in Harvest Island and once you offer them to the gods, you’ll receive bless which is used to befriend animals.

God Statue and its 4 pillars

But giving your items to the gods isn’t like handing them one item and receiving bless. You must hand the gods bundles of items like a package and then you’ll receive your bless. It makes you think about your resource management wisely as you have a limited bag capacity as well as a chest capacity which you can upgrade by collecting the required items for it. There are a bunch of items in Harvest Island. You can even catch bugs and trade them in to the gods for materials.

God Statues on the Island

There are a lot of god statues in Harvest Island. A few in the forest, couple on the beach and one on your farm. The game focuses on these statues and it’ll allow you to progress through the story by utilizing their request. Bless is an important currency to have and the only way you can obtain it is by giving your harvest offering to those gods statues. It’s impossible to progress through the game without it.

These god statues will have the option to give you items or bless in return if you manage to fulfill their request. Each statue has different offerings so finding these statues will be fun because you never know what mysteries these statues will tell. 


Bless and how it's used

Statues play a large role in Harvest Island. For one, it allows you to obtain bless which is used to befriend animals and wild animals. Instead of the traditional grooming or petting your farm animals or wild animals, you must expend bless to be able to raise their affection rate. Doing this enough will allow the wild animals to follow you wherever you go. Even give you items!

This adds a new layer to the game. Most traditional farming sim games allows you to befriend animals by just petting them and picking them up, possibly feeding them as well. But in Harvest Island, Bless becomes more than a currency. It’s part of the story, animals, and crafting. Everything is intertwined.

Bless in Crafting

Crafting plays a vital role in Harvest Island. It allows you to progress through the story and allows you to build tools needed to catch certain animals. It can also be used as a construction material to build in the game. One of the requirements in the story is you must build a pier which cost bless.

It’s a fun little concept to add mostly because bless can be treated like a currency or like a prayer points which has huge implications towards the story.

Harvest Island Trailer

Bless, Animals, and God Statues

Bless is connected everywhere you go. Think of bless like grace or prayer points. Since Harvest island is revolved around gods, it makes sense that the “currency” is some type of prayer points. The game becomes really fun because of this new concept. You have to figure out how to earn bless and spend your bless wisely as you progress. Even though the current state of the game uses bless on animals, statues, and crafting/buildings, it doesn’t mean that I’ll add more features to the game to help create a strong foundation this game needs. When the demo gets released, I hope I get input from you through discord and what you want more in the game.

Harvest Island Progress

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog, but I have made a lot of progress in developing the game. The concepts of Harvest Island is much more fleshed out but needs a tiny bit more features that allows players to do whatever they want to do on the island instead of just following the story. So, currently, I have to come up with a solution for that. But for the most part, the game is enjoyably fun. I was having fun playing with my own game! That’s a rare thing for developers to have. I’m still not satisfied with the game mechanics in terms how much there are present in the game, but I will be adding a few more. I just have to think on those for a bit.

Another big news is that I got another offer for a publishing deal. I’m in the works of talking and setting down terms, but it’s not a 100% commitment yet. Marketing a new indie game is a huge task that most indie developers would fail at. It requires a lot of money to market a short campaign. And if it’s a long campaign, it takes time. Luckily for me, my marketing campaign is long and hinges on organic traffic. So basically, anyone who happens to stumble on this blog, or my steam page are my fan base. Which isn’t a lot of traffic. Roughly 20 a day but the conversion rate is high, so people do like this game which motivates me to finish this.

I’m hoping that the demo I release sometime in two weeks will change how I will do marketing now. Everything relies on this demo. If it’s bad, the game flops and the game design needs to be worked more which causes the game to be delayed. That’s worst case scenario and I don’t want that to happen. If the demo does very well, then you can expect a lot more content and features as well as an even better polish towards the final product of the game. If the demo does mediocre, meaning it doesn’t get a lot of plays but the reviews are good, then that tells me that the game is great as it is and I should finish completing it because there is a small niche that loves story-base, farming sim games.

So, in the next two weeks, I will be marketing my demo. It will be on Itch.io, and steam. Possibly on other sites as well.

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