I’m Yobob

It means, “Hey anonymous or hey stranger”

The ‘yo’ just means hi and the ‘bob’ is just a generic random name which mostly means to me, anonymous. When you play a video game, there’s almost always an option to input your character’s name. Every time I play a game with lots of people, the names are usually taken. So I created Yobob, having the idea of joining a server full of people with the intention of being a friendly nobody. Yo-Bob – Hey stranger. I think it’s fitting since everyone online is a stranger. No one has taken that name ever. Well…let’s hope that trend goes on after posting this.

character boy tramatized
Designed by Sphenops

Life as a game designer is hard. This company is a one man team. All the marketing, music, programming, and even 90% of the art is done by me. Don’t ever do this. Grab a team. The other 10% are commissioned. Most of them I hire to draw character designs. Like this one. (Thank you Sphenops)

Or sometimes I buy art assets to cut down time when developing games. Then I can say, 10% of the art is done by me and the other 90% is commissioned. Haha…

I’ve started developing video games when I was in college, still using the identity of Yobob to make games. It was an on and off thing while I was finishing up my physics degree. During the time I was studying, I learned how to hone in on my craft in relation towards video games. I’m proud to say I’ve studied under an LA Philharmonic Composer. I’ve spent a good 8 years learning how to write a captivating story and all the physics background I know allowed me to quickly learn new skills…like programming.

With all these skills I learned, I had to learned how to  use them

character girl getting hurt
Designed by Sphenops

The first game I made, I wanted it to be big. Big mistake that was. A good lesson to those newer developers: don’t scale up. Scale down and perfect the fun level in them. Moving along a couple of years later, I managed to work with an artist to create my first small scale game: The Beast Named Eliza. It did pretty well considering that was my 2nd attempt at game development. I also had to create a splash screen to represent myself as a developer. What did I choose? Y.B.

After that, I developed a few more games. The Chains That Bound Me and Em-A-Li.

Being an indie developer is hard, but you do it not for the money, but for the satisfaction.

I think it’s funny how I chose yobob as my gamer name. I say this because I had quit video games a long time ago.It was because of school and because I realized how much video games can take away your time from other important things…like career…and your life. I won’t go into too much details of it but it involves lots of bad mistakes.

Rainy day nearby the waterfall

Yobob has a lot of history to me. More of a life history than a gaming history and I learned from those life mistakes. It made me become a forgiving person and I think that influenced me to write stories that impact players a lot more.

What does Y.B. means? “hey anonymous” or a friendly nobody that write stories to bring more humanity to people’s lives.

Well, this is how Y.B. became Y.B. A crazy scientist that wants to write stories for the better of humanity.

Support the Developer

As a one man indie developer, there are huge downsides in developing games. That’s recognition, financial stability, and the small size development team. I continue to make games because I love it and will not stop doing it. So, support me and I will never give you a bad game to play. That means join my discord, haha. I love to talk to my fans.

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