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Harvest Island Music

A Peaceful Place in The Nightly Woods

The piece is called “A Peaceful Place In The Nightly Woods” and it took me nearly 3 days to write. This is a piece that I love so much. It has a playful charm to it. Most video games now when you explore during the night, the music becomes creepy, or ominous, and the speed of the music slows down. Or there’s rarely anything exciting in the music. We’ll just hear the background sounds like the crickets chirping or the owl hooting. I took a different direction with this and decided to have the music drive the player to explore into the night without being too afraid of the dark. Which fits very well with the main character, Will, who really likes to go out and explore.

Playful Alone

I call this piece, Playful Alone. It’s the title theme of Harvest Island when you’re about to start a new game. 

I named it playful alone because it’s a bit sad in the beginning but cheers up in the end. The theme is about what’s it like living on an island with just your family. The world is big and you have questions but no one can give you that. At the end of the piece, it becomes playful which resembles what it’s like to be a kid and you forget what your problems are.

The Sand Where My Toes Are Buried In

When you first start the game, Will stares off into the sea, and you are greeted with a beach theme. The guitar melody brings out the calmness and relaxing feel of lying down on the beach. I named it “The Sand Where My Toes Are Buried” In because that’s what you do on the beach. You dig your toes in the sand!

A place To Call Home

A Place Called Home was inspired by Violet Evergarden OST – A Place to Call Home. I love Violet Evergarden’s music so much that one piece in particular felt so home like. So I took inspiration from that piece and wrote my own. If you ever get the chance to listed to Violet Evergarden’s music, I really suggest you do.

Harvest Island Trailer

Harvest Island Music

When The Wind Stops

If you ever wanted to know what it sounds like when the wind stops, this is the piece that I had envision it to be. It’s relaxing and peaceful where you can sit down and enjoy the sunset.

Believe it or not, I took inspiration from Tokyo Ghoul Unravel. There are two techniques I wanted to add to my music which was strumming, and harmonics. I wanted to add more techniques from unravel but it would’ve caused the song to become dynamic like Tokyo Ghoul Unravel. 

When The Forest Sings

Sometimes forests are mysterious or spooky in video games. I decided to write this forest theme in a way that it’s adventurous to Will’s journey. I wanted to make it sound like as if the forest is singing to you and that everything will be ok. 

Because Will is a kid but a brave one that takes on adventures head on. He may not realize what he is doing is dangerous but there is this mysterious destiny that guides him to be ok. I wrote the music where the trees are guiding him to his destiny. Things will be ok.

Harvest Island Progress

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