Harvest Island

Harvest Island

Will wants to know what’s beyond his home island. He thinks about what lies beyond the ocean. Are there people besides him? Is the world small or big? Follow Will’s adventure as he looks for answers .

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Harvest Island And The Stairway To Heaven – Dev Log #2

Can you believe it?! Can you believe it??! Harvest Island has entered in a competition. It’s GDWC! (Game Development World Competition) Will the game win? Fingers crossed. Weekly Vote Screenshot GDWC After 3 years of game development, I think this has to be the happiest point of my game development career. Seeing my game, HarvestContinue reading “Harvest Island And The Stairway To Heaven – Dev Log #2”

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Harvest island
Will, don’t leave me…

The Chains That Bound Me
I’m not apart of this rebellion

Hello, my name is Em-A-Li

The Beast Named Eliza
Where am I?

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As a one man indie developer, there are huge downsides in developing games. That’s recognition, financial stability, and the small size development team. I continue to make games because I love it and will not stop doing it. So, support me and I will never give you a bad game to play.



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