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The Chains That Bound Me


Arridios lives in the city of Florie, a place where poor working classes, miners, and common people are oppressed by the guards for their own personal gains. A rebellion is about to start and Arridaios doesn’t want to be a part of this uprising. He fears something far worse than being shot by a greedy guard. Something that he dreaded and never wants to see again.

Yobob Games

Harvest island
Will, don’t leave me…

The Chains That Bound Me
I’m not apart of this rebellion

Hello, my name is Em-A-Li

The Beast Named Eliza
Where am I?

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As a one man indie developer, there are huge downsides in developing games. That’s recognition, financial stability, and the small size development team. I continue to make games because I love it and will not stop doing it. So, support me and I will never give you a bad game to play.



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