The World Is Big…

Harvest Island is about a young boy, Will, who lives with his father, Greyson, and his little sister, Samantha, on an island. Will is curious. He wants to know what’s beyond the ocean. Are there people besides him? Is there more to life than his island? As Will and Samantha explore together, they will collect many unusual things from the island such as horseshoe crabs, shrimp, and sea turtle eggs. Even finding wild animals to befriend. The island is very big and there are a lot of caves, forests, and small islands to explore. Just don’t go too far from your home.

Character Design

kid character design


Will is a young boy who is curious about the island he lives in. He often times stares out into the ocean, thinking if there’s more to life than his family. He is adventurous, and won’t hesitate to take a step forward when it comes to exploring new and dangerous parts of the island.


Younger sister to Will, Samantha will always stay besides Will, even to dangerous places of the island. She follows him around and finds her adventure with Will scary at most times. Her shy and innocent nature always ruins Will’s adventure and slows his progress but she always tries and pushes forward not to disappoint Will.

kid character design




There are tons of different types of fish that you can catch all over the island. Each fish has there own behavior and habitat so catching a fish during the day and night are different!  Stay home and fish all day!

Wild Animals

There are many wild animals on the island. You can befriend them, pet them, or even feed them. Sometimes they will give you items that they find in the wild or show you an undiscovered passage that you can explore the island further!


You can craft many different types of tools to help you explore the island further. You can craft a shovel, an axe or a ladder to explore areas of the island that are difficult to get to.

Harvest Offering

The gods are everything. You believe in them. They give you Bless which you use to befriend animals, buy tools from the gods, and allow you to craft. The gods are always asking you for resources. So be sure to give them what they want.


Experience the rain as animals will hide from it! Rain is never consistent, so sometimes you’ll get a sprinkle and other times it’ll pour down hard.

Day/Night Cycle

Forest, caves, sea shores – their landscape actively changes as time progress, allowing you to see the sunset and sunrise! Or watch the fireflies come out.

Harvest island logo
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