Harvest, Explore, Discover

Harvest Island ®)is a story driven farming simulator where you farm stuff for the gods. You can discover lots of hidden places like a cave behind a waterfall or befriending wild animals that hides in the forest or finding a randomly placed vending machine in a dark underground hidden room along the beach. Throughout the island, you’ll collect items like coconuts, seaweed, horseshoe crabs, and other peculiar stuff: Nine-armed starfish, beetle, and a shark. You’ll offer these common and strange items to the gods and in return, the gods will reward you by giving you bless. This bless helps you craft, upgrade your farm, and progress the story. But don’t wander off too far from the comfort of your home. It’s safer to play around the farm than discovering the secrets and mysteries of this remote island.

Release Date: April  14 th

Platform: Steam


kid character design


Will is a curious young boy who loves exploring. He sometimes stares out into the ocean, wondering if there’s more to life than his family. His adventurous spirit and inquisitive nature are what drives him, and he never hesitates to take a step forward when it comes to exploring new and unexplored parts of the island.


Younger sister to Will, Samantha will always stay besides her older brother, even when he wanders off to dangerous places of the island. She follows him around and is scared of the adventures that Will goes to. Her shy and innocent nature always slows down the adventures between the two, but she pushes forward and tries not to disappoint Will.

kid character design


Father to Samantha and Will, he is a strict and stern dad. There are times where he laughs and have fun with the kids but most of the time, it’s about life lessons that help the kids grow. And sometimes they are tough. Other times, it’s just about catching a brown trout for dinner.




There are tons of different types of fish that you can catch all over the island. Each fish has their own different behavior and habitat. Certain fish can be caught during the day/night, river, and along the beach.

Wild Animals

There are many wild animals on the island. You can befriend them, pet them, or even feed them. Sometimes they will give you gifts that help you explore further or show an undiscovered passage for you to explore.


Craft various tools from your workbench to help you further explore the island. Create useful items like a ladder, axe, and a fishing pole.


Build your shed, upgrade your rucksack, expand your farm by collecting logs, twigs, worms in the forest. These valuable resources will help you grow your farm.


Enjoy sunny or rainy weather. Experience animals hiding from the rain. Sometimes you’ll get a sprinkle, and other times it’ll pour down hard.

Day/Night Cycle

Forest, caves, seashores all undergo the passing of time. You can see the sunset and sunrise or watch the fireflies come out.


Exploring the island is an adventure. Certain areas won’t be traversable, so you must wait for the tides to hope from one area to the next!

Beautiful Music

Listen to over an hour worth of game music as it sooths and relaxes your gameplay. You will never get musically bored while exploring the forest.


The gods are everything. You believe in them. They give you Bless and you can buy tools, and craft things. The gods are always asking you for your harvest offerings. Be sure to give them what they want.