Arridaios, a leading member of the rebellion, has discovered a terrifying secret within the city of Florie. Among the poor working classes, the miners have slowly gone missing. People have disappeared the next day and without warnings. The guards who patrol the lower district in Florie oppresses the working class for their own personal gain but they have no hand in the missing workers. Valentina, the rebellion leader, pays no attention to this revelation and continues to pursue her goals: to dethrone King Leuric. Even Mark, a top official that commands the guards, doesn’t see the darkness that lurks within the shadows; he is too busy stopping Valentina. When Arridaios’s friend, Anthony, goes missing, he takes the initiative to find him and discovers what he had dreaded for years since coming to Florie. Something he never wants to see again. Far worse than a miner being shot in cold blood by a greedy guard.