Stardew Valley Animals and Harvest Island Cute Aquatics

Harvest Island Baby Sea Lion Injured

Aquatic Animals

Stardew Valley animals are a bit limited when it comes to sea animals. These are the list of animals that Stardew Valley has: cats, dogs, chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, ducks, and goats! So, I’ve decided to add wild aquatics or wild sea animals to Harvest Island! For example, sea lions!

This sea lion is something that you can pet, feed, and have them take you to a new place! But sometimes you have to give it a lot of love in order for them to trust you. In this case, this baby sea lion is washed up on shore and injured.

It’s injured and you have to nurse it back to health. So that means you’ll have to feed him, give it lots of love by petting the baby seal, and making sure it’s happy! The game offers a lot of aquatic animals that you can befriend. The best part about befriending these wild animals is that they will sometimes give you something in return!

Some of the Stardew valley animals only produce what the animals are capable of. For example, a chicken will lay an egg or a cow will give you milk. I’ve decided to add a feature where the animals will give you something not what the animals can produce. Sometimes it could be a common item you see on the island floor, or a rare item that you can’t even find on the island, or a secret passage that only the animals know!

Let’s say you befriend a raccoon. Give it enough treats and pet him enough, he just might give you something shiny in return. Probably a coin! A rare coin! There’s a lot of what the animals can offer you once you befriend them.

Different types of fish all over the island!

Stardew Valley animals might be lacking in one area, but it makes up for it with a huge different varieties of fishes. There’s over 30 fishes from that game!

So, I’ve added a lot of different types of fish on the island: mackerel, pink salmon, rainbow smelt, tuna, catfish just to name a few.

Harvest Island different types of fish

To make Harvest Island much more interesting, each parts of the area of the island will have different types of fish. Instead of going to one area and fishing until you find a rare fish, you will need to explore a certain place in order to catch that rare or uncommon fish! It’s like being a real fisherman. You want rock fish? You will have to find one part of the island where there are a lot of rocks.

The picture on the right is near your home, so if you fish there, it’ll be easy to catch! You’ll probably be catching mackerels because mackerels common swim along the coast!

Now if you want to catch bigger fish in the ocean, then you’ll have to make your way out to sea to catch a tuna. You can’t fish by the coast and expect a tuna! Of course catching a tuna will be a lot harder than catching a mackerel so the time execution that you see on the right will get tougher.

Games like stardew valley fishing

There are more options than catching fish along the coastal beach or in the deep blue ocean. Fish can be caught in small pockets of cave puddles. Or you can catch fish near a waterfall. Different fishes lives and behaves differently, so they each have their own habitat. And adding to those features, each fish will come out during the day or night! So it pays off to fish on certain times.

Where The Fishes Are At

Harvest Island Title Theme

I call this piece, Playful Alone. It’s the title theme of Harvest Island when you’re about to start a new game. 

There’s a lot to say about this title theme, but if I start explaining it, I think it’ll mislead or even lead you to how I’m writing the story. I guess once I push out the game’s release I’ll explain it. Or maybe when I’ll release the demo.

What I'm Writing Next

Right now, I’m planning on writing Will’s Theme and Samantha’s Theme. I’m not too sure yet. These themes will play whenever something crucial happens in the story. It could be the bonding between siblings or the solo adventure of Will’s journey to find his answers about the vast ocean beyond the island. Either that or write a background theme of a section of an island I had in mind. A prairie field. More to be told soon!

Harvest Island Plans

Follow us!

Harvest Island is progressing nicely. There is funding for the game and that means Harvest Island will be published in Winter 2020. A lot of planned features will be added to Harvest Island and it’ll be showcased in the future blogs! I’m excited to say that there has been a little increase in the popularity of Harvest Island. And when I mean a little, I mean a little little. Very tiny, but I’m happy it’s slowly increasing. It means people like the game and it continues to motivate me to finish it.

Harvest Island is probably one of the biggest games I’ve developed. Not as big as my previous game, The Chains That Bound Me (Which is a free game to play) but a semi-ambitious one that really emphasizes on storytelling. I can’t wait for the release of this game. I know you guys will enjoy every minute of it.

Be sure to join all of my social medias for updates, new, and planned features! And wishlist Harvest Island on Steam!

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