Harvest Island Exploration Guide

This guide will be a comprehensive guide for Harvest Island. It will be a spoiler free guide and will only act as a guide in how to play Harvest Island and where to go. This guide is made by the developer, Yobob.
Harvest Island has two modes. Story Mode and a Normal Mode. In normal mode, the player will require to gather more, and farm more to progress the story. It's designed to be more in line to the farming sim, specifically, Harvest Moon. In story mode, players don't need to farm as much. Playing in story mode will feel like a light horror adventure game. Playing in normal mode will feel like a narrative driven dark farming sim.
Story Mode
-Blessings obtained from animals and crops are buffed.
-Produce from animals are doubled.
-Singing to animals reduces fatigue more
-Fish timer is increased by 5 seconds.
-Catching fish is doubled.
-Gathering items is doubled.
-Fatigue Consumption Rate is significantly lowered.
-Starting Bag capacity is 50.
-Starting Stamina is 150.
-Stamina usage of tools cost less.
-Bless obtained by the gods is 2x higher.
-Crops farmed gathered +4
-God statue +Bless bonus is +15
-Cutting trees give double logs
-Animal max stats requirement is lowered
-Food eaten is buffed.
-Ability to buy common resources
-Running consumes less stamina/fatigue
Normal Mode
-Inventory Management Feature
-Farming is required
-Stamina management is required
Gameplay Strategy
Playing Harvest Island requires a certain strategy. In story mode, this strategy doesn't apply and you'll be able to play at your own style. In normal mode, because farming is required along with an inventory management feature and a stamina management feature, you'll need to understand the game mechanics.
Stamina management - It is required for you to increase your maximum stamina. This will help manage your stamina. This means you'll need to cook a lot of different types of food. Using your pot at home is vital to help manage your stamina if you want to farm more, run more, or even do actions like fishing, and growing crops. Feeding your animals will help manage your stamina and singing to your animals at night will help your stamina as well.
Inventory management - Harvest Island only allows you to start with 20 maximum bag capacity and a 15 slot chest size. It won't be enough to comfortably manage your items. What you want to do is to befriend your sheep. Max out their friendship and they'll reward you with a max bag capacity. You'll also want to upgrade your rucksack and your chest size when you start out early. When you do this, this will help alleviate your inventory management issue. Making a kitchen and building a kitchen chest will help a lot as well.
Farming - Farming takes a long time and will require players to water the plants daily. But if you keep at it, the yield will be high. Use these crops to give to the god statue to earn bless. You'll need this a lot to progress the story. There are other ways to earn bless if you opt out of farming, like collecting items for the god statue. But farming is a good long term strategy in earning bless.
God Statue Blessings - God statue blessings will earn you permanent bonuses. This will help progress your game a lot. Some bonuses will give you double item collection. Items collected will give you bless. If you choose to opt out of these god statue blessings, it'll be difficult to progress. It is highly encouraged to take advantage of these bonuses. If you spot one, be sure to do it as your priority.
Harvest Island Exploration Guide will be broken down into quests. If you are looking for a particular quest, use Ctr + G to search up the quest title.
The Annoying Sister
Collect your things from the chest
There are two options that you'll have to pick. Choices don't matter much in Harvest Island. If you want Samantha to stop jumping, you can select, "no way." If you select, "I love you." She will continue to jump. You can make her stop jumping by talking to her a 2nd time.
Once you finish talking to Samantha, there will be a chest between the two beds. Take our your wooden sword. Players are sometimes stuck in this chest because they don't know what keys are used to enter or exit. Clicking or pressing Space/Enter will allow you to go further into the chest menu. Pressing Esc or right click will exit the current menu.
Talk to dad
Maps - A player that is currently on or a world that they inhabit -
To transfer from one map to the next, you must go towards the edge of the map. There is a path to the bottom right corner of the room. Once you exit that map, talk to dad. This will allow you to exit the house.
Tend to the Animals / Farm Life
You need to find Samantha before you can tend to the animals. Samantha is by the god statue. The quest requires you to collect 2 eggs, 2 milk, and 2 goat milk. This can be done by going into the animal pens. You can do that by walking up to the gate which looks like two wooden beams. The walking gravel path leads to these fences.
Obtaining goat milk will require you to enter the goat pen first. Once you do that, shout at the goats. Then you can enter the goat pen and collect the goat milk.
After collecting all three required items. You can offer it to the gods at the god statue.
Take Samantha to the island
After finishing, you must go to the island that the kids talk about. The island is east of the farm. You should see the beach. Go up and cross the bridge to reach to the new island.
Head towards the god statue
There's a new god statue in this small island. In order to reach that map, you must go between these trees in the above picture. Interact with the god statue. This will activate a cutscene.
Collect 5 crabs to offer to the gods
Crabs are scattered throughout this small island. Two cutscenes will happen when you interact with them. Once these cutscenes are over, you can collect the crabs at 100%. Offering to the gods will enable the crabs to be random at 70% catch rate. Return back to the god statue at this small island and give 5 crabs to the god statue.
Catch the raccon
You'll need to catch the raccoon which will run around the island. One is by the tree when you exit the map where the god statue is, the other is around the small island, and finally, the raccoon will go back to its den by the god statue.
Give the coin to the gods
A bless coin can be found on the ground after the raccoon cutscene. Give this coin to the god statue.
Investigate the blessings of the gods
There will be a sparkling event. Interact with this ground. You will be given a choice to investigate or inspect. Investigate will proceed with the next event. Inspect will just just give you another dialogue.
Go Home
Go back home. There is nothing more you can do except explore around the island.
A Promise Between Us
Find Samantha
Samantha is located east of the farm. Instead of going up to the new island, you need to go down to find Samantha. Go right from the farm, then go down.
Get home safely
Get back home. Along the way, you can sing to your animals at night while they sleep.
Help Dad
Collect 10 coconuts for dad
Collecting 10 coconuts. They can be found along the new small island.
Bring the coconuts to dad
Give the coconuts to dad. This part of the quest opens up after you complete, a promise between us quest.
Sheep's Love
Meet dad at the sheep pen
Another event will happen before you can go into the sheep pen. Will needs to get water from the well before both the kids can enter. Once inside, talk to dad. This will allow you to shear the sheep.
Collect wool and give it to your dad
Give the wool to your dad. This will open up other quests and talk to dad about other stuff required for the story to progress.
Chopping Trees
Meet dad by the apple tree
Dad can be found next to the stump. To activate this quest, you need to select the choice, "I'm here. What do I need to do?"
Collect 2 logs to chop
Dad can be found next to the stump. To activate this quest, you need to select the choice, "I'm here. What do I need to do?"
If you're playing story mode, you only need to collect 1 log. If you're playing in normal mode, you'll need to collect 2. The logs can be found in the above screenshot.
Chop the wood
Interact with the stump that has the axe. You'll need to chop your logs into planks.
Lying Sign
Talk to dad about the sign
In order to find this quest, you must explore and interact with a certain object. It's by the giant rock and has a sparkling event. Talk to dad after interacting with the sparkling event.
The Broken Bridge
Talk to dad about the broken bridge
In order for this quest to show up, you must interact with the broken bridge. There is a sparkle event that you can interact with. To continue on with the quest, talk to dad, "Why is there a broken bridge in the forest?"
Catch two brown trout
In order to finish this quest, you must have a fishing pole. You'll also want to get a bug net to catch better bait to get brown trout. Fishing at night will increase the catch percentage. Try to catch grasshopper, spider, or snails if you're farming. To catch brown trout you need to go west of your farm. Keep going west until you see a lake. That path is slightly hidden.
The Light-Wall
Ask dad about the light-wall
Talk to dad about the light wall.
The light wall can be found on the beach when the tide is low. Use the god statue to change the tides to low tides if the tide is high. Go right from the farm and go down at low tides.
The Wooden Sword
Find a coconut tree to smack
Samantha must be with you. Find a coconut tree and smack it.
The First Crops
Plant 6 potatoes and 6 carrots
Using your first 6 seeds of potatoes and carrots. Plant them in the field next your home. Wait for it to grow by watering them. You can water them about a total of 3 times a day. Once grown, give them to the god statue.
Build a Pier
Build a pier along the coast
You can find stones in a cave west to the farm, or south of the farm. Go left, go left, go left, and at the top left corner there is a cave. Or go down and keep going down until you see a pink tree. You can cut that tree. There is a cave to the bottom right side of the map. Getting planks by chopping wood by finding logs and making rope by using your crafting table in your room. You'll need cotton and twigs to make rope.
Catch an ocean fish at the pier
To catch Ocean fish, you need to wait until night. You'll need mackerel, perch, or sardines which can be caught along the beach. To catch sardines, you'll need to make a fishing net from the crafting table. The catch is 100%. Once you catch them, talk to dad.
Seashell & Sand Dollar
Give your harvest offering to the gods at the island
In order for this quest to show up, you need to interact with the god statue on the small island and read the inscription. Then talk to dad about the inscription saying Harvest Island. This will initiate a quest to offer the gods something to this god statue. Once that's done, grab a seashell or a sand dollar and talk to dad again to complete the quest.
Cooking with Samantha
Cook 5 steam crabs for Samantha
To cook crabs, you need to use the pot inside the house. Give five steamed crabs to Samantha.
The Mysterious Hole
Take Samantha to the underground hole
In order to activate this quest, you must talk to Samantha about the hole that you found when you gave a bless coin to the god statue. Take Samantha to the underground place.
Ask dad about the giant metal thing
Talk to dad about the hole you found.
Go to the hole again
Go back to the hole and interact with the sparkle.
Where's Will?
Look around the house for Will
Talk to dad to see where Will went.
Find Will at the island
You will see Will at the beach. Afterwards, you need to find Samantha. She can be found at the god statue on this small island.
Trouble with Dad
Talk to dad
Talk to dad about leaving your sister behind.
Build the furnace
Build the furnace. It is located between the sheep pen and the goat pen. Building this furnace will allow you to make better tools. Talk to dad again to finish the quest.
Fishing for fun
Catch a fish by the river for fun
You'll need an iron bug net to catch larger bugs to be used to fish here. You'll also need an iron fishing rod to fish here as well. These two items can be made in your crafting table once you finished trouble with dad quest. In order to progress, you must either catch a pink salmon or a largemouth bass.
Show dad your new big fish
Talk to dad once you have a pink salmon or a largemouth bass in your inventory.
Rebuild the broken bridge by the river
Fix the broken bridge by the river where you found the sign.
Beyond Beyond the River
Build the 2nd bridge
In order to build the last bridge, you must find a metal beam which is located in a cave by the rabbits, next to the lake. You must go down a hole and use a ladder. From that ladder you used, there a hidden path at the top right of the map. Walk underneath the cave ceiling. You'll eventually find another cave to enter. The metal beam is on the floor just above the god statue.
Explore the cave
On the floor, there's an item. It should sparkle. Pick it up. Eventually, you'll need to get home. Go inside and a cutscene will happen.
Beyond Beyond the River
Go back to the cave/Find a way into the cave
Interact with the sparkle. Eventually, you'll need to find another way. Head into the cave underneath the player to find that secret entrance.
Look around the cave
Go right where the player is. Into the wall.
The Light-Wall
Inspect the light-wall at low tide
Go back to the beach where you first saw the light-wall which is just right to the farm and go down during low tide. Interact with it. Another task will come up asking you to go deeper into the sea. Keep going right on this map. You will find another light-wall.
The God Statues
Offer bless to the god statue.
Offer bless to the god statue at home.
Inspect the god statue at the island
Offer bless to the god statue at the small island.
Samantha's Crazy Idea
Talk to dad/Talk to Samantha
For this quest to show up, you need to talk to Samantha. After, talk to dad. And then, talk to Samantha again. This will allow you to progress through the story.
The Hidden Door
Find a way inside
In order to get the quest, you need a sickle to cut the wheat. Offer bless to the hatch. If you can't, you are too early in the game to do so. To get to the area, go left from your farm, left, left, up to another path, and up again.
Explore the area
To continue on, you'll need to enter a specific door. Room 623. After entering, leave the area. You can go back underground after Samantha's cutscene.
Samantha's Suspicion
Talk to dad
Talk to dad about the bloody wall. Afterwards, talk to Samantha.
You'll need to interact with your room to progress. Interact with the two beds and your drawer.
Inspect dad's room when he's gone
Upon entering your dad's room, check the bookshelf.
At the bottom left corner, you'll need to interact with the floor.
Hidden Secret
Go to the lake
Head to the lake to execute another cutscene.
Find a way to use the odd key
From where you found the skull, go up. There will be another hidden hatch. Use the odd key.
The Door on the ground
Find a way inside
To uncover this quest, you must find a hatch, which is hidden. When you find the skull, you'll need to go up and the hatch would be past the trees.
Explore the area
You'll find a little odd house. Inside, interact with the box. You'll also need to interact with the power switch as well.
Find what the room key opens
You'll need a bless coin. Give it to the god statue inside the cave where you found the bunnies. Afterwards, read the diary to obtain a key. This will allow you to use the shaft elevator.
The room key will open this door. This room is 539.
Another Door
Find a way inside
In order to get this quest, you must find a secret hatch. Go to the map on the left screenshot and go down until you find it. You can only use this hatch until you finish the quest, Samantha's crazy idea. From the farm, go left, go left, go down and it's at the bottom left of the map.
Explore the area
You'll come across a waterfall. Give a bless coin to the god statue. It'll reveal a hidden path. Once inside, you'll need an iron pickaxe. To finish the quest, light the cave and interact with the radio.
Exploring Deeper
Explore beyond the ocean
Go deep into the ocean during low tide. You can access this by going right on the map where you first encountered the light-wall. The first light wall is at your farm, go right one map, go down one map, and go right one map again. It must be low tide.
You'll come across this house. Explore and find a secret hatch inside this house. It's at the bottom left corner of the map. Once underneath, turn on the power switch. There are three. It's dark so you'll need to interact within the darkness along the wall to activate them. Explore all 6 rooms to progress. If you're looking for a metal beam, it's located on this map which is at the bottom right corner. Take the elevator.
Find a way inside the house
There will be a fork in the road when you explore the new island. Take the path on the left. Go to the farm on the left. You'll come across a broken bridge that'll sparkle. Make the bridge. You'll be able to enter the windmill and obtain a house key. You can get the metal beam from exploring the little house by the beach when you first entered this new island.
Find clues
Interact with all the sparkles inside the house. You'll obtain another key which you can use it on the shed. The shed is behind this main house. Top right corner of the map.
Explore around the shed
You'll find another hatch in this shed. You must interact the box that's in front of you when you enter the shed.
Run home
Run back home. If the tide is high tide, there is a shortcut you can take. There is a hidden hatch which mazes underneath the island. Use the image below to reach that shortcut. To get here, there is a fork in the road. Take the path right. Or you can ask the gods to make the tides low by going to the little house by the beach. Interact with the table and it'll give you a list of things to choose from.
The shortcut is just above this forest. Go up from this map. You'll see an opening and it'll transfer you to another map. Once on the new map, there is a hatch at the top right corner of the map.
You'll enter a new place. Go up from where the character is at, and take the shaft elevator. This will lead you back to the main island.
To Escape
Find a place to build a boat
In order to get to this map, you must go to the place where the little house is by the beach on the new island. Hug the bottom right of the map and it'll lead you to a new path. From this map, go up. You'll be able to build a boat. There's a sign.
Dad's Surprising Gift
Get a flounder for dad
To fish for flounder, you must be at the new island. Fish at this river to get it. You can get here by taking the right path at the fork in the road.
Believing in Samantha
Find the secret spot
In order to reach here, you'll need the tides to be low. From the small island where the raccoon lives and the god statue resides, go left until you see this map. Enter it and you'll be given a new key. Use this key to access the last farm. Or, from your farm, go right, go up, go up, left, and left.
Find a way to use the odd house key
The last part of the quest. Save the game before entering. This last quest will complete the game. Go inside the house and go up the stairs to find another sparkling event. You'll obtain a map. A place where Samantha will go.
You can reach this place by fixing the broken bridge by the river. Or by taking a shortcut mentioned in exploring deeper under the task, run home.
At the end of the game, the credits will roll. Wait until the credits roll and you'll be able to experience a new ending. The map is a barren wasteland and puzzle like that will set you back if you choose the wrong path. In order to get the right path, you must access your inventory and look at the florie map that you have found. The hint is within the description and tells you where you need to go. Map by map.