Inspired by portal 2, Em-A-Li is an advance artificial health care provider or “wife bot” designed to take care of their master. It was created solely for the purpose of cooking, cleaning, and comfort. But what happens when an A.I. doesn’t follow its protocols? Play as Li and escape the rooms in this top down, interactive fiction, indie horror game. You may uncover a darker story than the possibility of an A.I. gone rogue…


Em-A-Li happy


Em-A-Li is an artificial intelligence that is designed to take care of her master. She is very expressive and isn’t shy to say what she means.



Full Voice Acting

Inspired by Portal 2, Amelea Michaela Morrow takes the stage of Em-A-Li, a programmed A.I. designed to be a house wife or ‘Wife Bot’, as she talks to you through a computer, expressing how she feels about the closed room that you are both trapped in. With over 4000+ voice acted words, getting to know Em-A-Li will be worthwhile.

Em-A-Li rooms

Casual Puzzle Design

Perfect for players & Lets Play that enjoy casual games, explore the labyrinth pitch black rooms that you are trapped in. Each new hallway that you discover will light up another hallway and will eventually lead you to a colored door. Collect keys in the pitch black rooms to open new rooms and learn about the horrifying secret of Em-A-Li.


Visual Short Story

Focused on storytelling, Em-A-Li is a short visual story that combines visual novel aspects and RPG aspects together to create an interactive top down interactive fiction game. With more than 10+ character expressions and the ability to interact with your environment, Em-A-Li will take you by surprise as you get to know her more.