Won’t You Stay is The Most Terrifying Visual Novel Game I’ve Played – Developer Interview Little Missy Otome

I’m already terrified just 1 minute into the game. When Little Missy Otome makes a horror visual novel, she delivers.

Terrified to the end. My emotions were up and down and I had so many doubt about my decisions.

First Impression

Don’t be daunted by the indie graphics because I will have to warn you right now. This game terrifies me. I have to write and play the game at the same time and it’s too scary to do a two playthroughs. So let’s begin.

Right…and there’s voice acting which makes this indie horror game even more terrifying. Oh man…Let’s (hands shaking) do this.

When you first play, you get the chance to pick as a boy or a girl which both have voice acting.

You meet Sister Rosie who has organized a charity event to upgrade the church. And you as the main character has a long relationship with Rosie.

And things gets terrifying quick. I was stunned, confused, and scared when Sister Rosie showed a fearful look. The all too knowing horror music came in and my body just went into Darwin survival mode. Continuing on the dialogue never felt so nerve wracking.

She screams about a demon towards two the young innocent girls. She wants these girls to be killed or it’s death to us all. Lot’s of hysteria and killing coming from Sister Rosie. My initial thought, “she has to be crazy. That Sister Rosie has to be crazy, right? These girls are innocent.”

Aaaanddd we get more backstory about Sister Rosie about her being a very calm and timid person. Great. Just great. Doubts already. But these girls are cute and I believe in their innocence.

So we confront the girls who were attacked and apologize to the girls for Sister Rosie hysteria. Talking to her she’s very nice and has a gentle voice. She gives you a cookie as a gratitude of accepted apology. I eat the cookie with joy. I’m like, alright, cool, I like this girl.

Annnnnddd…Here we go again. My heart cannot take this.

The music changes quickly again and I’m already shaking in my chair. The Girl asks the most terrifying question to me after I HAD EATEN THE COOKIE. God dang it! God dang it! She’s an evil person!

We fall unconscious and we are awoken to a girl who is a ghost that is telling you to get out of this house. Gosh. Gosh. Why must this game be so terrifying. So we get some back story about Blair who is the older sister of this ghost girl. Blair is the black haired girl 2 pictures above.

She has been controlling that school girl who gave you a cookie for years. The ghost tries to help you but you refuse because, well, you got tricked once from the cookie girl, there’s no way I’m going to get fooled again.

My initial thought. No, trust herrrrrr.

And I get my first jump scare. Yup. I’m done. To afraid to go on…

(But I did, only to leave me with a cliff hanger)

Dang, I wanted more.


Won’t You Stay will make your heart skip a beat. With great voice acting and a repeatable game play which you can play as a girl or a boy, Little Missy Otome knows how to make an indie horror visual novel that will haunt you in your sleep.

A very recommended game by the indie game community, visual novel community, and especially, the horror community.

Developer Interview

I was so terrified when I played your game. Continuing on the story felt tense and I never knew what was going to happen next. You threw nice twist that caught me off guard and terrified me. One thing I noticed in your game is that this horror story is a traumatic nightmare that you had about. Could you go deeper into your thoughts with this?

I had the nightmare about a year ago…I was in the perspective of the main character and what was even MORE scary was that Blair was a REAL person, not cartoon! So for whoever plays the game…nothing is MORE scarier than actually being the Main Character!

I tried to leave the house but Blair got me :cold_sweat: I remember clinging onto the door calling my mother’s name, but she saw Blair as Sister Rosie! and I’ll NEVER forget that bone chilling evil laugh that Blair had when she finally got me :confounded:

When I finally woke up I was so traumatized that I was afraid to go back to sleep for the next few nights :confounded: so I knew the only way to get over my trauma was to turn my dream into a game and face my fear. It worked thank goodness!

I guess you could say my fear became my inspiration :sweat_smile:

I really enjoyed the game and it terrified me to the point where I had to stop and then continue. And then stop and then continue. Do you have an expected date of when Won’t You Stay be released?

I see :sweat_smile: well I’m hoping to have the full game released by August 8th. The same date that I released my first ever game 2 years ago.

The game will still be receiving regular updates after that date though as some of my team members have other engagements to attend to before completing their work.

Could you tell me more about yourself as a developer? I noticed that you did your own art and your own voice acting in this game!

Well, I started out as a digital artist and Deviantart was actually the first social media platform that I created to post my artwork and is also where I first introduced myself to the public under my persona name Little Missy Otome back in July 2017. I learned a lot from that community and managed to implement what I learned when I made my first ever visual novel “Kidnapped!!!” back in August 2018, which was the same year that I got into programming and discovered Ren’Py. Then in October last year, I decided to get into Voice Acting, and voice impressions are something that I’ve done ever since I was little, including story writing. That is also something that I will always be passionate about and I still am today.

Is there anything else you want to say to the world?

Life’s too short to only try one thing. Be adventurous and experiment! In time, you may just discover you have talents for others things you never knew about


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