How to Stop Playing Video Games Naturally with Easy Anime Follow Along Pictures

Video game is an addiction and most people don’t know that. They know why they play video games, but don’t realize they have a problem. If you’re reading this, welcome. You just made a big step and that’s admitting to your problem.

If you’re forced here by your friends, family, had an intervention of some kind, internet shut down, or dropped your game console and lost thousands of hours of gameplay and decided, enough is enough, then you’re in the right place. Because someone out there loves you and cares for you to make you read this.

Or you’re just here by accident. Regardless, let the painful process begin.

Understanding Why You Are Playing

Lets talk about casino. Casino is a good topic. It’s pretty much a gambling galore.

Why do people like gambling? Simple. It’s the money that they’ll get when they win. Let’s call this the reward factor.

And what makes them keep playing? It’s the pretty lights you see in Vegas that’s flashing at you every time you walk ten feet. The winnings sounds of, ding, ding, ding! And the happy faces of people playing. We’ll call this the impact. Think of is as the over the top display every time you do something in Vegas. I’ll define it more.

Impact is an action that is glamorous. Press a button and confetti comes out. That’s impact.

So you sit down and give the gambling a try. Lets say black jack enticed you. Dealer gives you two cards. You get an Ace and an 8.

Wooo! You’re going to win! Dealer show’s you his cards and it’s a 21. You lose! Darn! Now you’re thinking, let me try again. I know I can win this. Let’s stop here before this imagination gambling becomes an addiction. So what just happened? And it happens to everyone.

Well, you played the game. The dealer had his cards and you had your cards. To win, you must have a higher number than the dealer but lower than 21. What made the game fun? The randomness of picking out the card and beating the dealer. Let’s call this the challenge. Where the challenge is beating the dealer. It’s very important that we understand what challenge is which I’ll define it more.

Some type of opposition that prevents you from winning or reaching your goal. In this case, the dealer.

So how does all of this gambling nonsense relate to video games?

Ohhhh it uses the same practice of what gambling does! You just don’t realize it!

Reward, Impact, Challenge

Lets break it down: Reward, Impact, Challenge.

Impact: Something that makes you go wow.

Challenge: Something you want to beat.

Reward: Something that you get because I did this.

Let’s start off with Impact. Every time you strike a monster, what is the impact? Pretty much the good feeling of hearing the monster squeal and the fancy sword stabbing. It’s powerful and it makes you feel powerful. That’s impact, because it makes you go wow.

So you get the game, and you play it. What’s the challenge? The leveling up your character and beating the boss. Simple. This is something you want to beat: The Challenge.

And what’s the reward? The equipment you get from that defeated boss! It’s something that you get because I did this.

Now here’s where I twist your brain a little. What happens when one of those defined definitions is lacking in the game? Then the game goes bad. Think about it.

If you remove impact from a game you play, lets say, The Legend of Zelda the breath of the wild. Would it still be fun?

The impact is using your sword to strike the monster and you see the puff animation and immediately, you know you hit the monster. What if that impact was missing? Then I wouldn’t know if I hit the monster at all! Do I still want to keep playing when my sword doesn’t connect? Not really. I would have to hit the monster a dozen of times, and keep hitting it until it dies without ever knowing if he’s weak, or if I missed completely.

I hit the monster yesss. I can see it from the green spiny thing.

Is he stabbing or spinning? Did I hit the monster?

What happens when there is no challenge? For example, the boss is too easy! And for the rest of the game? It’s not fun because there is no challenge! I don’t want to beat an easy boss, I want to beat a challenging boss.

And what about the reward? What happens when you open up a chest and there is nothing for the rest of the game? Why would I still want to keep playing? I want loot in the game!

Understanding Reward, Impact, and Challenge is crucial in understanding why you you are playing a game. And if you can identify those, you can understand why you are addicted to a video game.

And believe it or not, if you think about this enough and make a list of what the impact of the game is, the challenge, and the reward for all of your video games, you’ll realize that it’s all recycled ideas presented in new art.

You’ll learn the magic of what makes a video game so fun and you’ll the lose interest in it naturally because there’s no mystery!

Break it down into these ideas and naturally, you’ll start to want to do something else than play video games.

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