Harvest Island And The 5 Month Marketing Marathon – Dev Log #1

Hello to new fans and old fans

I’m Yobob. The developer of Harvest Island which is a game inspired by animal crossing, harvest moon, rune factory, and stardew valley. That’s a lot of inspirations to take out from.

Harvest Island

Harvest Island Trailer

Harvest Island is about a young boy, Will, who lives with his father, Greyson, and his little sister, Samantha on an island. Will thinks about what’s on the other side of the ocean. Are there people besides him? Is the world small or big? As a young boy, he seeks an adventure. With an island being his home, and along with his younger sister, Samantha, they will explore the island and grow closer to each other as they will try to discover the answer to Will’s curiosity. Throughout Will’s life, he will collect many unusual things from the island such as horseshoe crabs, shrimp, iron ore, and most commonly of all, twigs. Some will help him find his answer and some will be offered to the gods for “Bless” that is required by the family. Follow Will’s life journey as he looks for answers on what’s beyond the island.

Harvest Island Music

I started developing Harvest Island in April for the Steam Summer Festival. I’m a solo indie developer and I spend about 10 hours a day working on my game. I don’t even take breaks off during weekends. I just love game development a lot.

I wrote a piece called “A Peaceful Place In The Nightly Woods” and it took me 3 days to write this piece. I didn’t have such inspiration to imagine this, but I guess you could say I wanted the music to be very peaceful and relaxing when people play Harvest Island.

There’s quite a bit of music that’s going into Harvest Island. And a lot more to come.

A Place Called Home was inspired by Violet Evergarden OST – A Place To Call Home. You can hear the folk music from my piece as well as Violet’s piece.

Harvest Island Screenshots


Marketing for Harvest Island is tough, especially when you are just starting out as an indie game developer. I’ve been doing this for nearly 3 years and I’ve learned a lot as a game developer: what makes a good game, how to publish a game, and learning how to market a game.

One of the happiest point of my game development career is seeing my game on the GDWC’s website.

Harvest Island in Game Development World Competition

I’ve also signed up for IndieCade and I’m hoping that I’ll win in that competition as well.

There’s quite a bit of progress in the development of Harvest Island. From the Demo that was available during the Steam Summer Festival, I made some huge tweaks to the game.

I’ve added wild animals and different species of fish!

Fish that you can catch in Harvest Island
Features in Harvest Island

The 5 Month Marketing Marathon

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