Creaks Leaves Me Speechless As This Indie Game Does What Most Indie Games Cannot Do

Without any dialogue throughout the whole game, you can understand the main character’s fears, nervousness, and curiosity just by its visual animation alone.

A Game That Doesn’t Tell The Story, But Shows It.

First Impression

Creaks Trailer

The first two minutes has already captivated me. Everything is done right when it comes to a good game and that’s what Creak has done.

Since Creak doesn’t offer any text dialogue, it substitutes that with visual cues, and these visual cues are powerful.

The Main Character looks at his flickering light.

I’m left with awe as the visuals just captivates me. What’s even more astonishing is that you know what to do at each and every little thing. There’s enough visual cues to not be lost. I write this because most indie games fail to do this.

The Main Character checks what’s below with his flashlight.

The story of the game starts simple. Explore and feed your curiosity. That curiosity is now being fed by the interesting dark world below your house.

Creaks presents you your first puzzle. A house full of ladders, ornaments, and an eerie creak that leaves you tense in this quiet and abandoned, dark place.

The puzzle is challenging. Lots of trial and errors were made and a good memory of where the dead ends are is needed. I can’t tell you how much I got curious just by exploring and thinking there’s more to find out that it was a dead end. That’s how much this world has captivated me. Dead ends are like unexplored areas!

There are more puzzles besides walking ladders and finding dead ends. There’s cabinet dogs! I call them that because they will transform into a furniture when lights hit them. Another part of the expanding puzzle design.

The main character being chased by a cabinet dog.
A dog looking at the lights, sort of like it’s afraid, and the main character peering into a slit, watching its move.

The puzzles gets more challenging as you progress further into the game. There are objects and levers that you need to interact. Avoiding weird animal and furniture likes creatures. Turning lights on and off as a protection or transforming dogs into cabinets. Using those cabinets to climb unreachable ladders. Having dogs steps on pressure plates to manipulate other dogs where to go and most brain busting of all, thinking of how all of this connects to one another in order to progress. And there’s a lot more puzzle content than what I have just explain. That’s just the surface of it all.

Creaks is just amazing.

The plot thickens. A giant leg appears. Creaks never ceases to amaze me. And I just said that two sentences ago!

Some type of leg appearing out of nowhere. And the visual cues! Look at the Main Character looking up!

Weird Achievements

I don’t think I have every played a game where you watch some creepy picture to get an achievement.

I Think They’re Playing Tag…That’s what I want to believe…
This feels creepy. I can’t even explain what is happening.
I have no words to describe this but the creepy guy in the far back watching the those two people huddled by the fire

As I am writing this and also placing pictures in this blog, I get the feeling that I’m in a museum – In a very creepy museum where the lights are off and the pictures are about to eat you.


I don’t think words can express how mind blown I am. The imagination of Creaks, the story it told without a single text, and the complex and creative puzzle design.

Creaks starts the game off with a mystery and a huge itch of curiosity of, “why is there a giant house under my house?” It leaves you thinking about the imaginative world that you are swept away in. The house is inhabited by eccentric avian folk and strange creatures, which may or may not be as dangerous as they seem.

The handcrafted paintings immediately captivates you and throws you into the world of Creaks. Music highlights the world even more brings out the suspenseful, and curious feelings.

The environment is filled with details and tells you the lore of Creaks.

I would recommend this game to the adventure puzzle community as a hidden indie gem that must not be overlooked.

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